True Born Trilogy – Coming Soon from Entangled Teen!

True Born – Book One drops May 3, 2016

As they say in Dominion, it’s in the blood.


Splicer. Laster. True Born. If you’re from Dominion City, when you turn eighteen they’re supposed to tell you what you are.

In a world where Plague has taken half the population and the other half, known as Lasters, are waiting for their genes to self-destruct, only the rich can afford to have new DNA sewn into their genetic codes, preventing certain death. But for identical twins Lucy and Margot, it’s not that easy.

No one will tell them why, but just shy of their eighteenth birthday the girls are put through round after round of testing. And then there’s the “remote” security team hired to protect them, led by the mysterious and intriguing Nolan Storm – although no one will tell the girls what they need protection from. All Lucy and Margot know is that Storm and his team are True Borns, genetic freaks whose DNA has devolved back to human kind’s origins, protecting them from the Plague.

The True Borns have other gifts, too, or so the rumours go: some have superior strength, some remarkable abilities. Sometimes the sisters wonder if they, too, might carry some of these genetic abnormalities that, if anyone from their Upper Circle knew their secrets, would have them thrown out. For, whatever Margot experiences, Lucy feels.

When Margot goes missing, a desperate Lucy turns to Storm for help. And as an insurrection led by a shady street preacher rocks the crumbling city, Lucy has no choice but to put her faith in the True Borns to help her rescue her sister. Partnered with the annoying but beautiful Jared, who makes Lucy’s body tingle despite herself, the pair fight to the death over the vast conspiracy of the girls’ very existence, a puzzle Lucy isn’t sure she can solve… and is even less sure they’ll survive.

9 thoughts on “True Born Trilogy – Coming Soon from Entangled Teen!

  1. Hi!
    I read this prequel novella on wattpad and I just died and went to even heaven! It was amazing!!! I thought that the story line was amazing, and the setting and characters were really well thought out. I really hope that you continue with this novel because you already have one #1 fan right here!πŸ™‚


  2. Just finished True Born on Wattpad and it was amazing can’t wait to read the rest of the series, please let us know when the next fantastic book will be out


  3. Just finished reading the novella and it drove me crazy when it ended. I’ve bn checking everywhere for the rest of the story please please please complete it. I’m a huge fan already.


    • Hey there, thank you for the huge compliment! True Born – the novel version – is currently being considered by publishers. I’ll let everyone know how the hunt turns out!


  4. hello! The story is amazing and I really hope the book comes out soon . I can’t wait to read The rest of True born. It is an amazing story line and I hope others will read itπŸ™‚


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