Other Writing & Projects


Process: A Series of Events.

Web sci-fi series, co-written with creator Jason Gondziola. Coming soon!

cover art for Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey


“Objects, Still and Moving: Culture and Agency in the Short Fictions of David  McGimpsey.” Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey.  Ed. Alex Porco. Palimpsets Press, April 2010.

Engineering a Cure: Undergraduate students design their own experiments to address important medical questions.” U of T Magazine, Summer 2012.


Short Fiction

“Rules of the Club.”   The OriginalsMatrix 60.  13-17.

“Digging.”  Headlight Anthology.  Vol. 3.   75-84.

“Physics Lessons.”  Headlight Anthology.  Vol. 2.  64-84.


“Black Holes.”  Desire, Doom & Vice: A Canadian Collection Ed.Nathaniel G. Moore.  Stratford: Wingate Press.

“We are fishermen,” “to love’s funeral I wore green,” “Occupation.”   Ed.  J.A.LoveGrove.  Dig:  A Journal for Poetry 3: 14-18.


“The Woman Who Was Awake: An Interview with Libby Scheier.”  Existere Magazine 16.2: 14-18.

“Drug Therapy and The Mind Slaves: An Interview with Matt Cohen.”  Existere 15.4: 17-20.


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