Pluto’s Gate

I guess at heart I was still that geeky kid who really wanted to believe in fairy tales and magic portals. I’d been the kid who’d stay up all night reading books about werewolves and princesses, and I was always disappointed if the heroes didn’t hook up at the end.
But I’d also come to learn that in real life, stories never ended well.   

Twenty-year old Percy Tate has always longed to live in a world of magic, but at a visit to a fortune-teller, Percy learns she’s about to stumble upon more magic than she can handle. Soon after she crosses paths with a silver-eyed man she can’t seem to get out of her head…and vanishes from the face of the earth.

What follows is the epic tale of Percy’s voyage through the Underworld, a realm as unfathomable as the sinister red flowers that suddenly blanket its fields, bringing daylight to the land of the dead – and eternal night to earth – and as mysterious as the love that blossoms between Percy and and Pluto, God of the Underworld. Followed by her best friend Simon, descendent of a long line of spirit warriors, the three – along with an army of the dead – race across the Underworld to uncover the source of the unbalance…or risk the certain destruction of both worlds.

Wonder-filled and imaginative L.E. Sterling’s sophomore novel immerses readers in a world whose existence is ordered by the tenuous balance between light and dark, and the story-filled pages of one remarkable book.

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