“sic itur ad astra”

I have been working on and with Pluto’s Gate since just after the launch of my first novel.  That’s over ten years ago now, and I have been actively writing, and rewriting the manuscript, since 2007.  It was a hard novel to write – not initially, but in trying to fit all those magical pieces into some kind of order that other people could follow. Or even, that they would want to follow.

The novel finally comes out tomorrow, and like the eclipse that will usher it in, already laden with esoterica, there is something fateful about it.  A novel about the stars,  the Gods, and ultimately, what we believe of ourselves.

The Montreal launch is tomorrow, part of the DC Books spring launch at the Blue Metropolis (6 pm, Hotel 10).  You can still catch the Toronto launch – May 23rd.  Or, if you’re the adventurous type, you can wander into a bookstore near you and ask for the title by name.

2013-03-23 11.17.00

Tell the booksellers it is a work of magic, and that it is a path to the stars.



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