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Welcome to Day 10 in Dominion City. This is the last chapter that will be posted on Wattpad ahead of True Born’s official release on May 3rd – and we’re in uncharted territory here. Read Chapter 10 here, or start at the beginning here. I hope you’ve enjoyed these 10 Days of True Born.

Jared is an eyelash away from me. My breath catches as I look down at our feet. So close we could be dancing. He tips my chin up with gentle fingers. “Hey, you okay?” Then, “You’re not, are you?” Sighing, he pulls me over to the window seat, squashing himself in beside me among the embroidered cushions and decorative dolls. “What’s wrong?”

He takes one of my hands in his huge paw and with the other strokes my hair, as he had the night before. I hate it. Kind and caring Jared undoes me, unravels me until I no longer know whether I’m coming or going. Then jerkface Jared comes along and rips it all away. I am tired of wondering which version of him I’m dealing with. I try to pry us apart, but my hand sticks there on his chest. “Don’t make me cry,” I tell him with a hiccup.

“Why?” The words are so gentle. “Lucy,” his breath whispers against the sensitive skin of my cheek. I go into shock when his lips scrape against mine.

And if you think you’d like to read to the end, you can buy True Born in hardcover or ebook:



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