Day 7: 10 Days of True Born

image of poster

We’re on Day 7 of the 10 Days of True Born. Consider this the official Reveal party for the Fox sisters. Just three days to go – and then another 3 days until True Born is officially available in stores. You can catch up on the Fox sisters in Chapter 7 here, or you can start from Chapter 1, here.

“We’re not going to have our happy eighteenth Reveal party, are we?” 

The words come out sounding as dull and flat as I feel. 

I walk over to the window and trail a finger across a rainsoaked window. The smeared drop reminds me of birds in flight. Something I’d love to be right now. Free, able to soar away from all these heavy burdens. “They say it changes everything. When they finally tell you.”

Thanks for tuning in everyone – it’s a writer’s dream come true.



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