Day 8 in Dominion City

image of poster

It’s the 8th Day of True Born!

Thank you again to Entangled Teen for giving me permission to post the first 10 chapters on Wattpad to thank the scores of readers and fans of True Born.

You can start at the beginning here, or you can go directly to Chapter 8 here. This is just a little sneak peak, mind you – the full novel is being released on May 3rd.

“You’re like a little kitty cat,” Jared purrs. “All cuteness and claws.” His breath stirs the little hairs on the back of my neck. I shiver again, rocking back, and meet the hot brand of his flesh. I’m instantly electrified, even more so as I hear his sharp inhale. I move away as fast as fire, though I can still feel the burning imprint of his flesh against my head.

“Better than a pain in the ass, I reckon,” I murmur.

I expect him to get mad, but he barks a soft laugh, stirring my hair. “Very true.”





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