Eggs + Milk + [Heart] = Hero?

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There are about a million and one heroes out there – some good, some bad… some really bad. But what is it about that swoon-worthy, gives-you-all-the-feels fella that makes you tingle all the way to your spine?

It seems to me that there are all sorts of ingredient that go into making the hero of your story a heartthrob. A hero is more than just flesh + blood = hotness. He’s a real person, you guys.

Interested in what’s going on under the cover? Read on to see if you can identify in the traits below some of the heroes you know and love.

  1. You’d swear this guy is the Velcro King given the way eyeballs stick to him. This is the guy – the natural born hottie – who commands all eyes the moment he steps into a room. It’s not about how gorgeous he is: it’s about his command over himself, his self-possession.

  2.  Speaking of eyeballs: this hero will gouge out the eyes of an enemy for his fair lady and make it look easy. Yes, he’s got a temper. But he only uses it in defense of his friends, small cuddly animals and the love of his life.

  1. People either want to make out with him, adopt him or kill him. This  guy is so tortured over the fact that he can’t be with the girl (Edward Cullen, anyone?). Or, he becomes so tortured by being with the girl that he goes bananas. Or zombie. Or vampire. Or…whatever.

  1. Even when he’s a mess our man is liquid sex on a stick. See points #1 and #3. Ahem.

  1. He’s as chivalrous and old-fashioned as they come. This hero will tear his hair out (or run his fingers through it a whole lot. I’m stuck on Edward Cullen today) for his lady. Wracked with love and desire (and some dark secret he won’t tell her about) it will be a loooonnng time before he’ll give in to what he really wants. Heroes have secrets. Heroes can wait a millenium to catch the object of their desire.

  1. He’s surly and has a smart mouth. See #2. Seriously, what more could you want in a man?

  1. He’s smart. Nuclear physics? Check. How to scam a scammer or barter for a soul? Check. Chess? Check mate. In fact, our guy is so smart he’s figured it all out.

    … Everything except that he can’t live without his lady love.

  1. There’s something really, really sweet and vulnerable under all that tough guy grime – all you need is a good cloth, some strong soap and some water, and an emergency to dig out our man.

  1. Okay, so this is where I get a bit sappy. This is the man who, when he gives his heart, he gives his whole heart – and once gone, it’s gone for good.



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