New book, new release date: August 2023

British Library digitised image from page 321 of “Bombay and Western India.
A series of stray papers,” circa 1893.

Finally, some book news!

So, by now you’ve likely figured out that the new book didn’t drop in the fall of 2023. These things happen. Presses are like people – they get busy. Stuff gets delayed. And sometimes, they get delayed again. Such was the fate of the new novel. However, I’m now ‘fairly certain’ that we’ll meet the new drop date of August 29, 2023, when A Glamor of Blood gets its digital-first start to the world.

I’m also looking at another book release for January 2024 – more news on that novel coming soon.


After chopping away in the background for ages, I can finally reveal that I have a new book dropping on April 3, 2023, with Entangled Teen. (The novel was pushed back from a fall release to spring 2023). Stay tuned for more info on A Glamor of Blood!


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