True Born


True Born – Book One in the True Born Trilogy – is now available online, in stores, and at your local library!

Splicer. Laster. True Born. If you’re from Dominion City, when you turn eighteen they’re supposed to tell you what you are.

In a world where Plague has taken half the population and the other half, known as Lasters, are waiting for their genes to self-destruct, only the rich can afford to have new DNA sewn into their genetic codes, preventing certain death. But for identical twins Lucy and Margot, it’s not that easy. No one will tell them why, but just shy of their eighteenth birthday the girls are put through round after round of testing.

And then there’s the “remote” security team hired to protect them, led by the mysterious and intriguing Nolan Storm – although no one will tell the girls what they need protection from. All Lucy and Margot know is that Storm and his team are True Borns, genetic freaks whose DNA has devolved back to human kind’s origins, protecting them from the Plague.

The True Borns have other gifts, too, or so the rumours go: some have superior strength, some remarkable abilities. Sometimes the sisters wonder if they, too, might carry some of these genetic abnormalities that, if anyone from their Upper Circle knew their secrets, would have them thrown out. For, whatever Margot experiences, Lucy feels.

When Margot goes missing, a desperate Lucy turns to Storm for help. And as an insurrection led by a shady street preacher rocks the crumbling city, Lucy has no choice but to put her faith in the True Borns to help her rescue her sister. Partnered with the annoying but beautiful Jared, who makes Lucy’s body tingle despite herself, the pair fight to the death over the vast conspiracy of the girls’ very existence, a puzzle Lucy isn’t sure she can solve… and is even less sure they’ll survive.

True Born (True Born Trilogy, #1)




18 thoughts on “True Born

  1. I don’t mean to be rude but is there anymore to the story? I found it on wattpad and loved it! The you said to come to this website and it will explain it…?


    • Hi, Ella! Thank you so much for reading True Born! I was trying to explain the lack of updates through my post, “Book Publishing 101.” I’m in the process of trying to publish the novel but it’s a long, slow process. I’ll let everyone know as soon as there is some news! Best, L.E.


  2. Could you maybe put something on wattpad about working to get it published, maybe in an author’s note or something at the end?
    I really enjoyed reading but i specifically came to your website to figure out why something so good had stopped so abruptly.
    If there had been a link, i would have clicked it the day i finished chapter 9, instead of checking for updates which never came XD
    Thanks, and i hope to purchase it one day to finish the great story!


  3. Liked what you have posted on wattpad, but I gotta gripe….why list it as “completed” when it’s not and you have no plans on doing so on wattpad at all? You, and all authors doing things this way really, should say in the book description that it’s only a sample. To get caught up in a book you really like only to find out it’s just a teaser, major letdown and irritating too. And I only gripe because I really liked what I read!


    • Hey there,

      Thanks for your comment. It is a gripe I’ve heard before, and I sympathize! Thing is, I originally intended True Born only as an 8-chapter novella. It was, in fact, complete at 8 chapters. I was originally going to use it as a platform to launch a whole series of books based on some of the characters from that world. But – to be quite frank – the response I received from readers was just so phenomenal and overwhelming that I decided to keep going with this story – hence, the Chapter 9 cliffhanger. Now the novel is in the hands of publishers, so I’m just not legally able to post any more until I know the outcome of this venture. I am sorry to have disappointed! Please think good thoughts to publishers and maybe it will get to bookshelves and ebook stores all the quicker in its fully finished form! Thanks again for writing in.


  4. I really loved the first 9 chapters of True Born, it both inspired me and intrigued me. It also helped me get some perspective on writing back as i was starting to get discouraged with my writing abilities. I hope you get True Blood published soon, so i can buy it because i thought it was phenomenal!! 🙂



    I started to follow you when you first posted True Born in wattpadd, and I’m so happy that you never gave up on the novella and actually wrote a full length novel!

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!!

    xx from Canada

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    • Sharon, you’re going to make this writer cry on a Sunday morning – thank you!! That’s just really amazing to hear. I hope you love the whole novel as much as the start. I would be grateful if you’d post a review somewhere and drop me a line so I know how I did 🙂


  6. Hi! I just bought your book True Born yesterday and am almost finished already ! I absolutely love this book! I also noticed it says True Born Trilogy in the beginning on one of the first few pages.. I was just curious if there is more books out that I can buy or if they aren’t complete yet?


    • Maxine, you have made my day!! Thank you! Yes, True Born is a Trilogy. You can expect Book 2 – True North – to hit bookstores in April (sorry about the wait!). I don’t have a release date for book 3 yet but I’ll keep everyone posted. Thanks for stopping by to let me know (glowing)!


  7. I loved this story and can’t wait until April to start reading True North. I will try and make the next book last more than a day so I can savour it!


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